About Casey Gooby

First off: I’d like to thank all my great customers for their support. There are so many great musicians in this area and I take pride in making them feel good about the sound coming out of their amps.


My love for electronics began back in the early 90s. Being a guitarist, I wanted to work in the music field and so I decided to take a 2 year course in Music Electronics at Red Wing Technical College. I made the daily commute down to Red Wing to become more educated in the music electronic world.


After I graduated, I worked in local repair shops honing my skills for the next 10 years. In 2006, I decided to to start my own repair business and focus on good, honest work.


I now have over 20 years experience in the repair, design, and building of music electronic equipment. THANK YOU!


Contact me at 612-419-5340 or via email at cgooby@comcast.net

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