Bag of Dicks

The Bag of Dicks fuzz is based on the vintage Jordan Bosstone, originally introduced in late 1966. Completely handmade in Minnesota, rad vintage tones with modern accoutrements like true bypass, an LED and a 9V power jack. Very high quality parts used throughout, including vintage wire from 1960. We finally sat down with the Bag of Dicks and the newly constructed Gooby 14-watt amplifier to make a short demo video for your auditory enjoyment. Check it out here on YouTube.


Want to get a B.O.D. in your life? Great. Either contact us directly or try the good people at Willie’s American Guitars in St. Paul, MN.


2 thoughts on “Bag of Dicks

  1. Hi, I live in Nottingham England.
    I was wondering how much a B.O.D. would cost me? Including shipping?
    They sound great.
    Cheers, Steve.


  2. Hi there!

    I might purchase one of your early BOD pedals – Red in color/ Serial Number – cgbd0025. When was this pedal made? Also, I have been looking for an older one for a while. Any differences between the older and the newer ones? Are the red ones rare? It actually says, “Bag of Dicks,” not Bag of ***ks. Thanks for your time!


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