Courtesy of Johnny Jones, a glowing review. WARNING, LANGUAGE!



February 24th, 2012


In Heaven, there stands the highest mountain. It is God’s mountain. On the highest peak of God’s mountain stands God’s amp. It also goes to eleven. From God’s amp and down God’s mountain rolls the holy avalanche of rich-creamy-harmonious riffs, arpeggios and licks served in loving slabs that churn and chime in supernatural God tone. All the guitarist souls weep now as baby chump cherubs breaking their baby guitars.

And the man who fixes God’s amp so God can dial in the God tone is Mr. Casey Gooby. Kid you not.


I have owned and destroyed prolly 100 amps to this day in the constant vigorous strive for God tone. While recently living in Minneapolis I was suggested Casey Gooby http://www.caseygooby.com/. I took him four toasted God amps- a plexi Marshall, an old Fender, and a pair of Trace Elliots. He diagnosed, estimated and repaired all of them in a couple weeks. These amps now sound better than they ever have, swear to God tone. I have referred friends. Same thing, perfect repair at a completely reasonable price. Until the day I die I will gladly ship my sweet amps to Casey Gooby. It is a peace of mind knowing it is being fixed once and fixed right.


Casey is a nice guy. He is a brilliant guy. He gets it because he is also a guitarist and works it. He makes his own pedals and amps. He is one of those rare guys you find with shear skilled craftsmanship but has that extra edge with God given talent. These days this is a lost art. There is a reason why God’s favorite guitarists like Brian Setzer go to Casey.


To all of my beautiful fellow guitar playing friends (all of you whom I also happen to massacre in chops and sweet crushing near God tone);

Stop the fuckery, have Casey Gooby fix your amps and electronics.

I learned this the hard way.

If I am wrong, I will give you a free lesson in God tone to help fix your ShiTone.

Lesson Number One: Have Casey Gooby fix your amps and electronics.





Johnny Jones

(Guitarist and man who, as his life gets older, and time becomes more precious, has decided to surround himself with people who know what the fuck they are doing.)